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Visit the Ghosts at Emma?s Back Porch

Posted by Martha Jette on December 5, 2010 at 1:49 PM

Emma’s Back Porch Restaurant ( ) in Burlington, Ontario next door to Hamilton is said to be haunted by a woman and her two small children.


Emma Byrens and her husband George owned the Estiment Restaurant back in 1902 and it is believed that she is still around in spirit. There have been a number of sightings at the Lakeshore Road bar of a lady floating and wearing a white dress.


Other paranormal activity reported here includes hearing voices, objects being moved, temperature changes, cold spots, salad bowls spinning in the kitchen area, toilets flushing unaided and ghost orbs caught on camera. I was quite intrigued by all the ghostly activity when invited to take part in an interview at Emma’s for the “X” Zone Radio show hosted by Rob McConnell. I was on hand to talk about my newest book at the time – Glimpses 2: (it could happen to you!).


However, things certainly took a much different turn that I expected. As I sat talking with McConnell about some of the amazing true stories of ghosts, hauntings, angels, premonitions, past lives, reincarnation and more, something very unusual began to occur. Every so often, I felt a distinct tug on one leg of my chair.


McConnell told me about Emma and her children, Sarah and Robert, who apparently still remained at the well-known restaurant. He suggested that perhaps one of the spirits was trying to get my attention – perhaps one of the children playing a prank.


Many months after this interview, he confided that he had moved my chair but I really don’t believe that. First of all, we were sitting at a rather large table with McConnell on one side and me on the other. His legs could not have reached my chair to move it. Even if he had rigged the chair, the explanation is still inadequate.


That day when I felt the tugs, I eventually decided to move to a different chair to see if it would happen again. To my surprise, the activity continued. McConnell would not have known which chair I would sit in and all the chairs would have to have been rigged somehow, which they were not.


Emma’s Back Porch Restaurant was established in 1994 making this site the oldest running restaurant in Canada. It has been featured on such television shows as the Discovery Channel’s Creepy Canada and CTV.



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