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Hamilton Place a haven for Ghosts of the Past

Posted by Martha Jette on December 5, 2010 at 2:07 PM

Hamilton Place, a large performance venue in Hamilton, Ontario offers up a residual haunting from the past.


During a ghost walk presented by Haunted Hamilton, more than a dozen local folks stood outside this locally famous venue to listen to stories of the paranormal kind associated with the site. First and foremost, it seems a number of performers who were practicing on stage in the 2,200-seat Great Hall heard a crowd of voices outside – people anxious to get inside to see the performer of some forgotten day.


In an even stranger bent, a production assistant and a female friend were busily attending to some technical work in the lighting booth when she got bored and decided to check out the massive building. She wandered about and made her way into the basement where she found herself in a dark tunnel. Panicking somewhat, she realized that she was lost.


As she stood in the darkness, she saw a bright, white light, similar to a large orb and it began to move toward her. It then moved away a bit and then back to her again in a motion that seemed to indicate that she should follow it. She decided to follow the light, which led her right to the basement door where she had entered.


Now, if that is not enough, there is also a beautiful lady in red (wearing a long red gown) that has been seen inside Hamilton Place. The most startling of all are the two tracks of tears that flow down her delicate face.


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