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Rescue Mediums find Three Spirits in Stinson Street Home

Posted by Martha Jette on December 5, 2010 at 2:09 PM

What do you do when your baby wakes up terrified at night, staring at something you cannot see? That was the dilemma of one young mother who lived at 148 Stinson Street in Hamilton, Ontario.


This house, just a few blocks away from this Examiner, was filled with so much paranormal activity that the residents called in the Rescue Mediums On a recent episode of the show on the VIVA Network, Jackie Dennison and Alison Wynne-Ryder felt before they even attended at the home that a spirit was present that got so near to people while they were in bed that they could actually feel its breath. The also foresaw a feeling of being watched, the spirit of a little boy and the sound of footsteps.


The Rescue Mediums then met with a mother and other members within the household to talk about their concerns, which revealed their premonitions were right. As well, they noted a child spirit and toys that started up unaided.


Jackie and Alison then began their investigation outside the home. In this part of Hamilton, the houses were constructed very close together with little more than a walkway between them. While inspecting this area, Alison sand it seemed as if “the house itself is crying out for help.”


Once they were back inside the home, Alison heard whispers in the kitchen. Moving into the living room, she sensed a lady crying out in pain as if in mourning. At the same time, Jackie received the name Arthur. She also sensed a male spirit “clomping up the stairs.”


On the second floor, Jackie was drawn to a front window. As she looked out and wondered why, Alison said she heard what sounded like a toy, switch itself on. In the baby’s room, Jackie felt draw to one corner by the crib and said it seemed to be the primary focus of the haunting by a dark male spirit who would lean into the crib and frighten the baby.


After Jackie saw the spirit of a woman walking downstairs, the Rescue Mediums decided to sit and focus their energies. Now they knew they were dealing with three spirits – a man, a woman and a playful child but how did they relate. As they sat quietly, Jackie got the name Michael – a spirit in great despair. Were there two male spirits, she wondered?


She then saw the female spirit enter and bring light in the room. The male spirit then headed up the stairs but could not go further since the mediums had filled the hall with light. Confused, he began screaming and the woman tried to help him by turning him toward her. He had not been able to find her before this and when he did, he was filled with joy.


“He can’t believe it’s her,” said Jackie.


Now that they were reunited, she guided him into the light and the mediums could even hear him whistling happily as he went into it.


As they always do, the Rescue Mediums followed up their investigation by researching the history of the home and immediate area. They then sat down with the homeowners to reveal their findings. Firstly, they learned that a “Michael Arthur” Broderick, (both of the names Jackie picked up on) who immigrated to Hamilton in the 1900s had lived in the home and was the proprietor of a local grocery store. The mediums felt this male spirit was not a nasty one but rather a disturbed and lost soul who needed help.


His wife was Hannah Sullivan, the female spirit who came to rescue Micheal. In 1884, Michael came down with Bright’s disease and died. Hannah lived many years alone after that and died at age 74. Hannah owned the land where the current home sits today, as well as the property next door. Michael had returned to find his beloved wife but could not until the Rescue Mediums arrived to assist in the reunion.


As for the little boy spirit, Jackie learned why she was so drawn to the property directly across the street from the house. At one time, it was the site of the Stinson Street Boy’s Home. It seemed that one of the little boys had decided to stay and play at the home in question.


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