Totally Scared

All you ever wanted to know about haunted houses from the folks who live in them to whom to call for help.

         Totally Scared: The Complete Book On Haunted Houses

"Authors Jette and Colclasure did a spectacular and imaginative job in compiling real ghost stories from around the world, mincing with your average Joe to celebrity tales. There is even a section in the book on how to make your own haunted house, which as a mum of four, I found very useful. Objects, people, places and things can all be haunted, as you will find out in this tome. For those who are new to the field of the paranormal or want to learn more on many different levels, this is a read to pick up, as I highly recommend it."   ......Author and Paranormalist, Alexandra Holzer, daughter of the famed Hans Holzer, who wrote more than 140 books on paranormal topics during his lifetime.

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 Have you ever wondered why a house is haunted? Perhaps you live in one and need to know what to do about wayward and sometimes frightening spirits.

Totally Scared takes you from personal, first-hand accounts of those who live or have lived in haunted houses, to practical advice on documenting a haunting, who to call for help, what ghost hunters do and how to survive the emotional stress of a haunting.

You will also learn about the types of hauntings and how spirits can attach themselves to a house, land or even an object. Those in the know will share their secrets on how to banish unwanted entities.

Totally Scared also takes a look at the good, bad and ugly of haunted house movies, and how they related to real-life hauntings. You will also learn about the haunted house industry designed to give you thrills and chills, as well as how to create your very own haunted house.

This book would not be complete without a compendium of haunted houses and a listing of ghost hunters around the world making it a terrific resource for both the amateur and professional ghost hunter.

Writers Dawn Colclasure and Martha Jette share their own experiences living in haunted houses and offer their best advice on what you should or should not do if you find you share your home with someone from the spirit realm.

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