Totally Scared

All you ever wanted to know about haunted houses from the folks who live in them to whom to call for help.

                                            About the Authors

Dawn Colclasure

Experience living in a haunted house led Dawn to begin writing about them for the Shadowlands newsletter. She also writes essays, poetry and fiction and has published several books including:

*Take My Hand
*Topiary Dreams
*365 TIPS FOR WRITERS: Inspiration, Writing Prompts and Beat the Block Tips to *Turbo Charge your Creativity
*Burning the Midnight Oil: How We Survive as Writing Parents.
*Love is Like a Rainbow: Poems of Love and Devotion
*Songs of the Dead
*The Yellow Rose
*Dogs Forever! Poems for the Dog Person (with Jennifer Wilson)
*Follow That Dream
*On the Wings of Pink Angels: Triumph, Struggle and Courage Against Breast Cancer
*The Perfect Christmas
*A Million Doughnuts
*Hunter's Upcycling Adventures
*The GHOST Group, Book One (The Ghosts of Sarah Travers and The Crying Valentine)
*The GHOST Group, Book Two (The Ghosts of the Irish Setter and The Missing Hiker)
*The GHOST Group, Books 1 & 2
*Touched by Fire
*Shadow of Samhain
*Terror In The Night I - Alien Abduction Exposed! (with Martha Jette and Usko Ahonen)
*The Warrior Way
*Parenting Pauses: Life as a Deaf Parent
*April Showers
*Remember the Soldier

Dawn has also been published in The Desert Sun newspaper, as well as such web sites as SheKnows, iParenting, Writing World and Absolute Write. She has also written book reviews for Crescent Blues and served as poetry editor for Skyline E-Magazine.

As well, she has edited and published a magazine for a poetry club she formed in 1993 and for an e-zine for writing parents called Burning the Midnight Oil Book Zine.

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Dawn is a member of the advisory board for the Disability, Pregnancy and Parenthood International Journal and often writes articles on deaf parenting and education. She also maintains a web site to help aspiring writers, runs a blog to discuss subjects related to writing at and works as a book editor in her spare time.

She lives with her husband and children in Oregon.




  Martha Jette

Martha is a former newspaper and magazine editor, who has also lived in haunted houses. These experiences, as well as other paranormal events throughout her life has led her on a life-long pursuit of knowledge in this area.

She has published several books including:

*Glimpses: True Stories of the Paranormal
*Glimpses 2: (it could happen to you!)
*Talking To My Angel (children)
*Playing With The Devil
*The Man With The Magic Spectacles (with Manohar 
*Blood Vengeance: (Cold Case #4-183) Not of this World
*Terror In The Night 1 - Alien Abduction Exposed! (with Dawn Colclasure and Usko Ahonen)
*Phenomenal Paul: An Incredible True Tale of Insect-like Creatures & UFO Sightings
*The Borg Files – A Case of UFOs & Alien Abduction

Martha has written stories for many on-line sites and currently writes a regular columnist for the 

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Martha provides professional editing services for authors and other and offers her services as reasonable rates. To learn more about this service, go to and follow the link: Editing Services.

Martha has also been on a variety of on and off-line radio shows to talk about her life and books. She can be contacted for an interview at: