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Ghost Hunters spooked at Haunted Toronto Theater

Posted by Martha Jette on September 8, 2011 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (5)

Part 1

Imagine stepping into a huge theatre like Hamilton Place in Hamilton, Ontario at night – in the dark – alone. Then imagine being in an even larger venue under the same circumstances. It would be eerie to say the least!

Recently, members of the Canadian Haunting and Paranormal Society (CHAPS) undertook just such a challenge to investigate reports of paranormal activity inside Toronto’s Great Hall and Theatre Centre. The team, led by director, David Gibb, covered the huge site with a variety of camera, recorders, EMFs (electro-magnetic meters), and other equipment to determine if there was any basis to claims of unusual activity after hours in the popular downtown site.

During their investigation, Gibb noted that the EMF and thermal readings showed some spikes and even spiked on command.

The team also experienced a variety of physical sensations, including being grabbed and having their hair pulled. Gibb said investigator Shannon Gibb had her hair pulled and veteran investigator, Rob Divenanzo, saw many unexplainable shadows that really freaked him out.

“He is a Lear jet pilot so he is pretty tough of nerve, so I take him pretty seriously when he feels something is up,” David said. “It seemed the physical activity in this place was so obvious. Seasoned veterans of the ‘hunt’ were shaken at times.”

A couple of members investigated the room where musicians once slept or at least tried to, since they were often frightened by a little boy spirit there. One of the EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon – disincarnate spirit voices on tape) said, “Mom.” Was the little boy looking for his mother? One can only wonder.

As team entered the theatre a loud humming was captured on tape but David said no one heard it.

“There was no knowledge of the humming at the time. We tried our best to recreate the humming as well with those who were present once we heard it. Also, comparing those recreated hums with sound waves and they didn't match either.”

Inside the expansive site, they heard something very heavy and loud being dragged across the floor.

“The smash that occurred, though not translated well on video, was something else to experience first hand,” said David. “Like a ships anchor being dropped and dragged along the trackway above us.”

The entire investigation was enough to rattle the most experienced ghost hunters, he added.

“Most of the people there are experienced. We have been thru a number of shaky situations in the past, (but) this was one of the few times that we had to take a moment to collect ourselves.”

One of the team members noted that the activity seemed to be more than just residual energy and an EVP captured showed the response to this as: “It’s more.” Then as they were leaving the theatre, the humming was again captured on tape.

A highlight of the investigation was reviewing the five EVPs that were captured. You will find the EVPs HERE along with a video taken that night. The video begins with David advising the team on the layout of the site and how they should proceed.

Due to the paranormal activity experienced and the evidence gathered, CHAPS deemed the site officially haunted but wanted to explore it further. This past weekend, they returned for an overnight investigation to gather more information. You can see some intriguing photos taken from that night here:!/album.php?aid=198345&id=164941066368HERE.

More photos from this Investigation

Part 2: Witch lights in Forest at Six Nations Reserve

The CHAPS team has also investigated claims of paranormal activity at the Six Nations Reserve in Oshweken, Ontario. They were recently invited out to the site to investigate claims of strange lights and odd footprints that were found.

The reserve includes many acres of woodland, marshes and horse paddocks, as well as private homes. The area chosen for the investigation included a small residence in the immediate area. According to the team’s report, they experienced “the phenomena of witch lights…” like those experienced by folks in a Pennsylvania forest.

These eerie flickering lights are seen around the world and have been reported for centuries. Some folks believe they are the work of fairies, witches or even Roman soldiers carrying torches. Whatever they really are, they certainly captured the imagination of the CHAPS team as they stood in the darkness.

“Add this to increased EMF (electro-magnetic field) readings in the forest, that was a point of interest. Such readings can often be explained away due to other sources of electrical energy, such as wiring in a home.

Six Nations

As well, David said: “Many times when noise or sound was requested, we were met by very large breaking branches, again an experience you had to be there for,” that rattled their usually calm nerves.

A number of photos taken that night showed orbs and video footage captured “some excellent light anomalies that were not common to insect flight.”

However, most convincing for Dave were the “abnormal fears” experienced by team members.

“Bill Flegg an experienced outdoorsman was spooked enough to depart his location quickly,” he noted. “Sandy, our camera person, forced herself out of a location due to abnormal noises uncomfortably close to her. There was not one member that was not littered with contact.”

It became obvious to CHAPS members that something strange was happening in the woods of the Six Nations Reserve and they plan to return to the site again.

“Unfortunately with the space too large to cover, we have been invited to re-attend in the spring with a our crew for a few days of investigation.”

CHAPS operates out of its offices in the Ottawa Valley and Oshawa and are the Ontario representative for TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) best know for their show, Ghosthunters. Team members includes director, David Gibb, team leader and web designer, Shanna Jacklin from Barrhaven, technical manager and investigator, Dan Sehn from Pembroke, investigator, Cathy Sehn, investigator and psychic, Kim Foster, information technologist, Jeff Livesey and production engineer, Sandy Fitzgerald.

As a team, they hope to bring the passion back to paranormal science by capturing proof of life beyond the grave. However, they don’t enter into investigations with closed eyes and minds.

“We use a proud mix of science, with a full compliment of equipment and a strong emphasis on the spiritual. We do not go in with the mindset to prove inactivity or activity. We simply go in to enjoy the investigation and learn as much as we possibly can about the unknown.”

David said the team is looking forward to its upcoming investigations and “a plethora of residential work” at the infamous Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Kentucky.

Pictures from Six Nations Reserve Investigation 

CHAPS on Facebook

Video for Six Nations Reserve Investigation

CHAPS Home Site

Stories Reprinted From by Martha Jette

Book Review ??? House of Darkness ??? House of Light

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The True Story, Volume 1

By Andrea Perron

Published by Author House

Copyright 2011

ISBN: 978-1-4567-4761-9

Having lived in a few haunted locations, it is not much of a stretch to imagine a house brimming with spirits – more particularly a colonial farmhouse built in 1736.

Roger and Carolyn Perron, along with their five young daughters thought they discovered their own Garden of Eden when they moved from the Cumberland, Rhode Island suburbs to a remote and natural area in Harrisville. They were excited to live in a fascinating old farmhouse with plenty of room for everyone.

The oldest child, Andrea Perron is the author of this book, which relates the family’s entirely unexpected and truly frightening experiences in a house with a long history of agony and death. Two former residents hung themselves - one from the rafters of the old barn. The final fate of many others is unknown but their continued presence eventually becomes obvious.

Andrea relates how the massive property provides an unbounded playground for the children within the woods and crystal clear ambling streams. However, what begins as a paradise for the Perron family quickly transforms into a house of horrors as specters of formerly living souls roam the old house causing havoc.

There are benign acts, such as a ghost that smells of flowers and fruit kissing the children goodnight in their beds, and a phantom youngster playing with unattended toys. Items move about, including chairs pulled from beneath innocent and unsuspecting mortals, and a female ghost who constantly picks up a broom to sweep the kitchen floor - benign but frightening, nonetheless. Doors slam shut, whispers are heard, shadows are seen and something has a habit of slamming into the front door in the middle of the night shaking everyone from their beds.

When the malevolent spirit of the former mistress of the house begins to assert her control over Carolyn the constant barrage of paranormal activity from the other side becomes too much to bear. This repugnant spirit seems bent and determined on frightening Carolyn to her very core, approaching her in the night – her face misshapen, neck broken and horrible to behold - along with a gut wrenching stench in the air and threats of impending doom – primarily that she and her family would succumb to a vicious and unrelenting fiery death.

Carolyn is left in a perpetual state of fear and shock as to how she could possibly protect her brood from the wiles of a nasty ghost over which she has absolutely no control.

This is truly a book to be read with the lights on. To pick up a copy of House of Darkness – House of Light, The True Story, Volume 1, go HERE.

This is truly a book to be read with the lights on. To pick up a copy of House of Darkness – House of Light, The True Story, Volume 1, go HERE

Video: House of Darkness House of Light

Video: House of Darkness House of Light

Video: Andrea Perron ~ "House of Darkness House of Light"

Video: Harrisville Rhode Island Farmhouse ~ Andrea Perron

Rescue Mediums find Three Spirits in Stinson Street Home

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What do you do when your baby wakes up terrified at night, staring at something you cannot see? That was the dilemma of one young mother who lived at 148 Stinson Street in Hamilton, Ontario.


This house, just a few blocks away from this Examiner, was filled with so much paranormal activity that the residents called in the Rescue Mediums On a recent episode of the show on the VIVA Network, Jackie Dennison and Alison Wynne-Ryder felt before they even attended at the home that a spirit was present that got so near to people while they were in bed that they could actually feel its breath. The also foresaw a feeling of being watched, the spirit of a little boy and the sound of footsteps.


The Rescue Mediums then met with a mother and other members within the household to talk about their concerns, which revealed their premonitions were right. As well, they noted a child spirit and toys that started up unaided.


Jackie and Alison then began their investigation outside the home. In this part of Hamilton, the houses were constructed very close together with little more than a walkway between them. While inspecting this area, Alison sand it seemed as if “the house itself is crying out for help.”


Once they were back inside the home, Alison heard whispers in the kitchen. Moving into the living room, she sensed a lady crying out in pain as if in mourning. At the same time, Jackie received the name Arthur. She also sensed a male spirit “clomping up the stairs.”


On the second floor, Jackie was drawn to a front window. As she looked out and wondered why, Alison said she heard what sounded like a toy, switch itself on. In the baby’s room, Jackie felt draw to one corner by the crib and said it seemed to be the primary focus of the haunting by a dark male spirit who would lean into the crib and frighten the baby.


After Jackie saw the spirit of a woman walking downstairs, the Rescue Mediums decided to sit and focus their energies. Now they knew they were dealing with three spirits – a man, a woman and a playful child but how did they relate. As they sat quietly, Jackie got the name Michael – a spirit in great despair. Were there two male spirits, she wondered?


She then saw the female spirit enter and bring light in the room. The male spirit then headed up the stairs but could not go further since the mediums had filled the hall with light. Confused, he began screaming and the woman tried to help him by turning him toward her. He had not been able to find her before this and when he did, he was filled with joy.


“He can’t believe it’s her,” said Jackie.


Now that they were reunited, she guided him into the light and the mediums could even hear him whistling happily as he went into it.


As they always do, the Rescue Mediums followed up their investigation by researching the history of the home and immediate area. They then sat down with the homeowners to reveal their findings. Firstly, they learned that a “Michael Arthur” Broderick, (both of the names Jackie picked up on) who immigrated to Hamilton in the 1900s had lived in the home and was the proprietor of a local grocery store. The mediums felt this male spirit was not a nasty one but rather a disturbed and lost soul who needed help.


His wife was Hannah Sullivan, the female spirit who came to rescue Micheal. In 1884, Michael came down with Bright’s disease and died. Hannah lived many years alone after that and died at age 74. Hannah owned the land where the current home sits today, as well as the property next door. Michael had returned to find his beloved wife but could not until the Rescue Mediums arrived to assist in the reunion.


As for the little boy spirit, Jackie learned why she was so drawn to the property directly across the street from the house. At one time, it was the site of the Stinson Street Boy’s Home. It seemed that one of the little boys had decided to stay and play at the home in question.


Hamilton Place a haven for Ghosts of the Past

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Hamilton Place, a large performance venue in Hamilton, Ontario offers up a residual haunting from the past.


During a ghost walk presented by Haunted Hamilton, more than a dozen local folks stood outside this locally famous venue to listen to stories of the paranormal kind associated with the site. First and foremost, it seems a number of performers who were practicing on stage in the 2,200-seat Great Hall heard a crowd of voices outside – people anxious to get inside to see the performer of some forgotten day.


In an even stranger bent, a production assistant and a female friend were busily attending to some technical work in the lighting booth when she got bored and decided to check out the massive building. She wandered about and made her way into the basement where she found herself in a dark tunnel. Panicking somewhat, she realized that she was lost.


As she stood in the darkness, she saw a bright, white light, similar to a large orb and it began to move toward her. It then moved away a bit and then back to her again in a motion that seemed to indicate that she should follow it. She decided to follow the light, which led her right to the basement door where she had entered.


Now, if that is not enough, there is also a beautiful lady in red (wearing a long red gown) that has been seen inside Hamilton Place. The most startling of all are the two tracks of tears that flow down her delicate face.


More on Hamilton Place

Ghosts of Frightened Soldiers still remain dazed on Battlefield

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Spirits can remain earthbound for a variety of reasons but none are so evident as soldiers who lost their lives on a battlefield.


The War of 1812 saw heavy casualties on the British by invading American soldiers and the Battle of Stoney Creek was no exception. In 1813, 7,000 U.S. soldiers and a naval squadron fought at Fort George at Niagara-on-the-Lake forcing 1,400 British soldiers to run for their lives. Some 52 soldiers died and 300 were injured.


The surviving British joined with two other units making them 1,600 strong. In the meantime the Americans also captured Fort Erie. On June 5th the British were stationed at Burlington Heights and about 3,000 American soldiers reached Stoney Creek. They invaded the home of the Gage family and used it as their headquarters.

Meanwhile, the British decided to stage a surprise night attack on the U.S. soldiers. Major James Ogilvie leading 700 British soldiers reached the American camp on June 6 at about 2 a.m. With bayonets drawn, they pounced on the camp but only found dying fires and a couple of cooks.


It seems the Americans had moved to higher ground and the British were left in a state of confusion. As they reloaded their guns, the Americans returned to their camp and soldiers on both sides - lost in the dark night battle – could not determine who was who in the melee that followed. Many of the soldiers on both sides were disoriented and frightened for their lives. Although the British won this battle, 214 soldiers were killed, lost or missing. The Americans suffered 168 losses.


On a recent episode of Rescue Mediums on the VIVA Network, Jackie Dennison and Alison Wynne-Ryder visited the small town of Stoney Creek, which is located on the east side of the City of Hamilton.


The Rescue Mediums sensed that a traumatic event had occurred on the site where they would be going next. They envisioned fighting on the land and plenty of guns. They also determined that there was a male spirit by the name of William, doors slamming in the home, a strange feeling on the stairs to the upper floor and someone who was having nightmares.


When they arrived at a home located in the Red Hill Valley area of Stoney Creek, Ontario they met the First Nations family who resided there. A major part of this area had been First Nations land for more than 12,000 years but recent years had seen the build-up of homes and businesses in both Stoney Creek and the greater Hamilton area. Even so, it seems the ghosts of the past still remain on this sacred Indian land.


Jackie and Alison sat down with the homeowners to find out what type of paranormal activity the family had been experiencing. What they had been through reflected their earlier premonitions. Jackie also showed the family a picture of a little girl hugging a huge tree and another of a young man.


“I know exactly who that is,” the father said of the latter.


The Rescue Mediums began their investigation by going outside and getting a feel for the area. From their vantage point, they saw a major highway that crosses the land.

“It never should have been built,” said Jackie. “This is sacred land.”


They continued to explore the area, which includes a forested rail trail. There they found the huge tree, as well as a bridge. As they reached the bridge, Jackie realized that people had fought and died in that area.


You can see a photo of the bridge here: This Examiner has walked this area a number of times and it is truly a natural wonder.


The Rescue Mediums impressions of this area were spot on. A major public battle ensued over plans to build the Red Hill Creek Expressway, which would cut right through this former Indian land. More than 4,000 trees would be cut down along 7 kilometers of land to make way for the highway that proponents saw as a necessary step to ease traffic flow in that area.


An Aboriginal Lawsuit was launched by the Six Nations Confederacy (the Iroquois, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca) in an attempt to stop construction. Based on the Nanfan Treaty of 1701, the lawsuit stated that the land in question formed part of a much larger tract that was legally protected from any disturbances by the Crown of England.


To proceed with the work, the then-Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Council needed to acquire a permit, as well as a review of the site under the Environmental Protection Act. When the review was completed in September 1999, the region received nearly 300 submissions from citizens against the construction and to everyone’s surprise the council boycotted this entire process.


As you might have guessed, progress had its way and council proclaimed in August 2,000 that the Red Hill Creek Expressway would indeed be built at a cost of $1.7 million. The total cost turned out to be $245 million.


It was a tense time for resident of Stoney Creek and Hamilton in general as protestors often spent days on the site in an attempt to hold up construction. In November 2003, Reverend Canon Paddy Doran led more than 200 people through Red Hill Valley to pray and sing because of the destruction of nature and clearing of trees in the area. Security guards on the site arrested Canon Doran and about 20 other protestors, but after the reverend was put into a police cruiser, two dozen protestors refused to let the vehicle leave with him in it. After some tense moments, he was released.


Now you might be wondering how all this information on the Red Hill Valley fits into a story about ghosts of soldiers on the battlefield but it will all come together.


As a First Nations family, the father and his grandfather had also done everything they could to protect the Red Hill Valley. When the Rescue Mediums arrived and talked with the family they learned of their efforts in this area.


After their excursion outside the home, Jackie and Alison went inside to investigate the purported haunting. They first went to the daughter’s bedroom where they immediately spotted a picture of the girl hugging the very same tree that they had found. Jackie then felt a sharp pain in her arm, which worsened as they made their way to the main floor of the house. In the basement both mediums felt coldness and a negative energy. As they stood in the basement area, they heard a door slam closed and at the same time, felt the temperature become quite hot in the room.


They sensed a ‘troubled spirit and attempted to make contact. Allison said her head felt funny. Jackie then sensed a Native ‘grandfather’ spirit that wanted to help and protect both the family and the area. She also sensed a soldier nearby but he quickly fled. The Rescue Mediums returned to the upstairs – to the main bedroom and felt a depression as the soldier walked in.


Jackie then had a vision of an outside area with plenty of trees. There was a cold breeze and many spirits seemed to be in a panic. She quickly realized that it was a battlefield with “lots of bodies” and she could see the red coats of the British. She then saw the soldier.


“He told me he was running for his life,” she said.


She also saw that he was losing a lot of blood and “knows he’s going to die.”


At that point, the Native ‘grandfather’ arrived and went to him. At that time in history, the British were not friendly with either the Americans or the Native Indians. However, the soldier let this spirit lead him off the battlefield. The Rescue Mediums then saw him take this frightened and war weary soldier into the light.


“That was terrible,” said Jackie recalling the many bodies she saw and added that the soldier’s name was William.


After following up their investigation with research on the area, Jackie and Alison again sat down with the homeowners. They told the family about William, who was indeed the father’s grandfather and that his wife’s name was Adelle.


Jackie told the father that William is “extremely proud of you” for continuing the cause to not only preserve their heritage but also attempt to protect the Red Hill Valley. When he heard this, the man began to cry. His tears reflected his grandfather’s devotion to his grandson, as well as his recognition of the father’s own efforts to save their sacred land.


When areas like the Red Hill Valley and even the majority of Ontario, which once belonged to Native Indians, developers give no thought to the thousands of years of history that unfolded here. Nor do they care about the many souls who still roam this land that they love so much.


It truly saddens this Examiner that their sacred land was taken from them for a few beads and plenty of false promises. Their land and their lifestyle has now been clustered into a number of Indian reserves where they continue to lead at the very least, difficult lives. This Examiner hopes that one day, our Native peoples will be recognized for their gentle ways and love of nature, not to mention their great wisdom. They deserve so much more than they have today.


As for the soldiers on both sides of the Battle of Stoney Creek, many of them were little more than teens when they were forced to fight the perceived enemy. It is hoped that their souls will eventually all find their rest on the other side.



War of 1812

Stoney Creek Battle Monument

Red Hill Valley Trail Map

Protestors at Red Hill Valley

Visit the Ghosts at Emma?s Back Porch

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Emma’s Back Porch Restaurant ( ) in Burlington, Ontario next door to Hamilton is said to be haunted by a woman and her two small children.


Emma Byrens and her husband George owned the Estiment Restaurant back in 1902 and it is believed that she is still around in spirit. There have been a number of sightings at the Lakeshore Road bar of a lady floating and wearing a white dress.


Other paranormal activity reported here includes hearing voices, objects being moved, temperature changes, cold spots, salad bowls spinning in the kitchen area, toilets flushing unaided and ghost orbs caught on camera. I was quite intrigued by all the ghostly activity when invited to take part in an interview at Emma’s for the “X” Zone Radio show hosted by Rob McConnell. I was on hand to talk about my newest book at the time – Glimpses 2: (it could happen to you!).


However, things certainly took a much different turn that I expected. As I sat talking with McConnell about some of the amazing true stories of ghosts, hauntings, angels, premonitions, past lives, reincarnation and more, something very unusual began to occur. Every so often, I felt a distinct tug on one leg of my chair.


McConnell told me about Emma and her children, Sarah and Robert, who apparently still remained at the well-known restaurant. He suggested that perhaps one of the spirits was trying to get my attention – perhaps one of the children playing a prank.


Many months after this interview, he confided that he had moved my chair but I really don’t believe that. First of all, we were sitting at a rather large table with McConnell on one side and me on the other. His legs could not have reached my chair to move it. Even if he had rigged the chair, the explanation is still inadequate.


That day when I felt the tugs, I eventually decided to move to a different chair to see if it would happen again. To my surprise, the activity continued. McConnell would not have known which chair I would sit in and all the chairs would have to have been rigged somehow, which they were not.


Emma’s Back Porch Restaurant was established in 1994 making this site the oldest running restaurant in Canada. It has been featured on such television shows as the Discovery Channel’s Creepy Canada and CTV.



Burlington Ghost Walks

Hamilton Ghost Walks

When Ghosts Appear Real

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Here we present one of many stories from folks who

have lived or are living in a haunted house. Enjoy!


Living in a haunted house has become second nature to Tim McMahon of Geelong, Australia, although he admits that sometimes the resident spirits still surprise him.

Tim said his family moved into the house in May of 1989 when he was 8 years old and for the first three months everything seemed fine.

“Then some time in August in broad daylight, Amelia appeared to me for the first time,” he said.

Tim explained that he used to just call this ghost a ‘spook’ but later decided that might not be appropriate, so he gave her a name. He added that when he first laid eyes on her, she appeared very real.

“When I first saw her, she looked like a living person. She wasn’t transparent or anything like that. In her first appearance, Amelia would have been about five feet, five inches in height. She had light brown hair and wore a dress that looked like it was made around the early 1900’s. She also looked to be aged in her early to mid-‘20s.”

Tim admitted that the experience was frightening.

“I think the only reason I was afraid of her was because I didn’t know who she was. I became even more frightened when she suddenly disappeared.”

As if that was not enough to rattle a child, Tim soon discovered that Amelia was not the only resident spirit.

“Not long after I met the other ghost – a male, who looked like he was in his ‘40s and about six feet in height. He always appears wearing a fancy striped suit and he has a long, thick mustache.”

This ghost shook Tim up even more.

“I remember how terrified I was of him as a child,” he said. “How he used to stand at the end of my bed. He would then lean over the bed, so he was almost face to face with me and I would just freeze petrified. As I got older, I would hide under the blankets and hope he’d go away.”

Aside from appearing to Tim, the resident ghosts had a few tricks up their proverbial sleeves as well.

“For example, I was given an electronic piano keyboard for my 13th birthday. Shortly afterward during the night, I was trying to get to sleep and the keyboard turned on by itself and played the song Beautiful Dreamer. I got up, turned on the light and the music stopped playing. I checked the keyboard and it wasn’t even turned on!”

That first night of music turned into many, he explained.

“The keyboard kept playing like that every night for years, until eventually I just lost it and screamed STOP! The funny thing is, it did stop. It never did play again after that.”

Tim added that he was so freaked out that he sold the keyboard soon afterward.

In another incident, Tim explained that he had about twenty hardcover books lying on his chest of drawers.

“I was just about to go to sleep when I heard this loud whooshing noise and then a whole heap of objects hit the wall on the opposite side of the room from where I was lying in bed. I quickly got out of bed and then turned on the light to see all twenty books lying scattered on the floor against the wall on the opposite side of the room.

Over the years, Tim said not all of the ghostly activity was so unsettling.

“Amelia has also helped me out quite a lot throughout my life,” he said. “I remember always running late for the school bus and I’d find after coming back from brushing my teeth that all my clothes were set out across my bed ready for me to wear. Mum was asleep at the time. I could hear (her) snoring from the bathroom and dad was at work…”

When Tim was 18, he said the two ghostly figures appeared together.

“In 1999, I saw Amelia (and) she was not alone. The creepy male ghost was with her, although they did not appear to like each other.”

He added that their appearance seemed to have changed.

“They now were semi-transparent and glowed with a bright blue and white color to them.”

Tim had lost some of his fear and decided it might be the right time to approach them “but as I did, they began to fade away until they disappeared completely.”

Today Tim is a writer, artist and part-time student, who still lives in the same house. While the male ghost still “creeps me out,” he said Amelia does not despite her ongoing antics.

“One of the things Amelia is doing at the moment is throwing the lid of my laundry basket across the room.”

Since experiencing what he calls a “mental awakening” in 2005, Tim said he sees Amelia and her not-so-friendly sidekick all the time. As well, he said there are “weird blue orbs” in the home as well.

“In fact, I saw a lot of them just last night. They looked like tiny flashes of blue ball lightening – only thing was, the orbs were all different shapes and none of them were exactly circular in shape.”

Tim said he has tried to find out more about the house that has been home to spirits for so long.

“Before my house was built, there were lots of dairy farms in the area with little swamps all over the place. A local historian once told me it is possible that a dairy farm may have stood where my house is now.”

Tim said he found “old rotted horse and cart wheels buried in the back yard and what appears to be bits of rusted chicken wire, bones from various animals - large and small - all buried in roughly the same place.”

He explained that the swamp areas were later filled in and the dairy farms were razed in the ‘30s or ‘40s.

“The new estate became a government commission estate that was built in 1949… My house was rented out for many years, until it was sold to the public some time during the early 1960’s.”

From then on, he said the house changed hands many times.

“The Greene’s were the last family living in our house before we moved in… It’s strange they were only here for just over six years.”

Tim said he is what is called an ‘empath,’ as he can easily pick up the emotions, ideas and even thoughts of others. As well, he said he has visions that often hit him without warning. He calls them “flash forwards” and said they can sometimes be frightening. However, he added that they “always come true.” As well, he is able to bi-locate seemingly being in two places at once. To bi-locate means that the physical body is in one place, while the spirit body is somewhere else.